A vinyl record based on Arnold Schoenberg’s 1942 composition Ode to Napoleon for string quartet, piano, and voice. Schoenberg’s piece has an interesting history wherein the composer wrote a letter to protest a 1950 record of the work performed with a female voice. This record, Two Transcriptions, contains a pair of “transcriptions” of Ode to Napoleon—one based on Schoenberg’s score, the other on the transgressive 1950 recording—that feature the voices of Zackary Drucker and Theo Baer, artists who identify as transgender.

Extended text: "Re-transcribing Composition"

Side A (MP3)
Side B (MP3)

Side A (PDF)

Two Transcriptions/Ode to Schoenberg (2013), vinyl record (front view)
First presented by Audio Visual Arts and Franklin Furnace, New York, 2013

Two Transcriptions/Ode to Schoenberg (2013), vinyl record (front and back view)

Arnold Schoenberg's 1951 letter addressed to Los Angeles record producer Ross Russell